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Free Online PHP Form Generator

Written By Vinayak Shejole on Sunday, January 8, 2012 | 10:41 PM

Instant Form Creator (Best Premium)

Instant form creator is the best php form generator i have found so far, It has numerous features, is fast and quick and very easy to use, i have used it in several projects and best thing is it does’nt hide the codes or try to host and control your source files, you can have the full source code at your option.
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Easy Form Manager
  • MYSQL Db integration
  • Validation
  • File Upload
  • Show/Hide field based on user level
  • IP Limit
  • Full PHP Source Code
  • Affiliate Integration
  • None !!

Wufoo Form Builder

Wufoo Form Builder
One of the best form builders out there, this ones type 3 php form generator and very user friendly with drag and drop interface anyone even a n00b can use it without any problem. Wufoo is premium form builder with free basic option with some very good features.
Pros :
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Easy Integration
  • Vast Features
Cons :
  • No backend script download
  • No file upload facilities (and many other features) for free users
  • 100 entries/month

JotForm Form Builder

JotForm Form Builder
Easy drag drop interface with some free premium features like file upload, payment integration, PDF forms, and many more. This one definitely sucks when it comes to submissions as it does’nt let you download the script and host in in your server
Pros :
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Many premium features for free
  • Free SSL forms
Cons :
  • 1oo submissions/month
  • 10Mb Upload Limit

Form Site Form Builder

Form SIte Form Builder
Another Type 3 Form Builder, with moderate user interface, this ones particularly good if you want multipage or login based forms. Though the interface looks very complex it has many really good features hidden in its complex interface.
Pros :
  • Multipage Forms
  • Login Based Secure Forms
  • 50 Items Support
Cons :
  • 1oo submissions/month
  • 50Mb File Storage Limit
  • 10 results/form storage only

Accessify Form Creator

Accessify Form Builder
Simple XHTML/HTML Form builder with very minimal features with no script support. Suitable for creating quick XHTML/CSS forms for the site.
Pros :
  • Very Simple User Interface
  • XHTML Makrup
Cons :
  • No Backend Script
  • Not Many Features

Form Spring Form Builder

Form Spring Form Builder
Form Creator with very limited options for free users, only reason its worth trying is it supports straight redirect of form data to users email and no submission monthly limit which is really a very good thing.
Pros :
  • Good User Interface
  • Fast Creation & Integration
  • No Submission Limit
Cons :
  • No File Upload
  • No Script Download

EmailMe Form Builder

EmailMe Form Builder
The best thing in EmailMe form builder comes with premium account where you can download the html and the php script of the form for installing it to your webserver otherwise its pretty same as others except for the free spam filtering and uplaod
Pros :
  • Unlimited Submissions
  • Spam Filter
  • 50 Max Field
Cons :
  • Slow Interface
  • No Script Download for free users

Kontactr Contact Form Creator

Kontacr Contact Form Generator
This is just what it say, contact form creator for your site, with no frills, no option to edit fields or whatsoever just a robust contact form creator.
Pros :
  • Super Fast
Cons :
  • No Options to Modify

Formmail Maker Form Creator

Form Mail Form Maker
Another free php form generator creator fully ready with down loadable scripts and admin panel for your form. This also hosts your form for you if you want so. Overall this is another simple type 2 form creator.
Pros :
  • Free Script Download
  • Admin panel
Cons :
  • Bad Interface
  • No Multipage Support

pForm Form Builder

Pform Form Creator
This is only HTML/CSS builder very fast with web 2.0 looking forms and validation integrated with buckets of options. very good one if you are looking for something to create the HTML/CSS creator for free.
Pros :
  • Very Good User Interface
  • Very Fast Creator
Cons :
  • None (considering its type 1)

Visitor Contact Contact form Creator

Visitor Contact Contact Form
This is the 11th one but i thought i should add this on the list. A web 2.0 no frills contact form creator complete with google maps, captha and other features with floatable button. Very good one if you are looking for only a simple contact form.
Pros :
  • Good Styling
  • Simple Interface
Cons :
  • Fields can’t be modified
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