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jQuery image galleries, slideshows and sliders plugins

Written By Vinayak Shejole on Thursday, July 5, 2012 | 2:43 AM

Nivo Slider
Demo | Features | Download
Nivo Slider is an awesome jQuery and WordPress image slider. It provides 16 unique transition effects, clean and valid markup, keyboard navigation and more features.
Examples | Features | Download
SlideDeck comes with a ton of unique features designed to bring the content slider up-to-date with the pressing needs of the modern web, and unleash its potential to showcase your content.
Galleria | Download
Galleria is a JavaScript image gallery framework built on top of the jQuery library. The aim is to simplify the process of creating professional image galleries for the web and mobile devices.
Slides | Download
Slides is a slideshow plugin for jQuery that is built with simplicity in mind. Packed with a useful set of features to help novice and advanced developers alike create elegant and user-friendly slideshows.
TN3 Gallery
Features | Download
TN3 Gallery is a powerful jQuery image gallery and WordPress plugin with slideshow, transitions effects, multiple album options, CSS skinning and much more. It’s compatible with all modern desktop and mobile browsers.
The Piecemaker 2 | Download
Piecemaker is a free, open source and 3D Flash image rotator gallery. Some of its features include unlimited transition effects, navigation (using tooltips), animated shadows and more.
Demo | Download
Supersized is a fullscreen background slideshow built using the jQuery library.
Awkward Showcase
Demo | Download
Awkward Showcase is a content slider. But it can do more then just slide the content. For example you can add tooltips, enable thumbnails, activate dynamic height and lots more.
Features | Download
CU3ER is the 3D image slider. It’s easy to set up, fully customizable, tailored to provide a unique look and feel, inspiring and fun to use.
AnythingSlider jQuery Plugin
Demo | Download
AnythingSlider is a jQuery slider plugin that can display any number of slides where navigation tabs are generated automatically.
jQuery LightBox Plugin | Download
jQuery LightBox plugin is simple, elegant, unobtrusive, no need extra markup and is used to overlay images on the current page through the power and flexibility of jQuery´s selector.
Apple-Style Slideshow Gallery
Demo | Download
An Apple-like slideshow gallery, similar to the one they use on their website to showcase their products. It will be entirely front-end based, no PHP or databases required.
jQuery Cycle Plugin | Download
The jQuery Cycle Plugin is a slideshow plugin that supports many different types of transition effects. It supports pause-on-hover, auto-stop, auto-fit, before/after callbacks, click triggers and much more.
jqFancyTransitions Slideshow | Download
jqFancyTransitions is easy-to-use jQuery plugin for displaying your photos as slideshow with fancy transition effects.
Smooth Div Scroll
Demo | Download
Smooth Div Scroll is a jQuery plugin that scrolls content horizontally left or right. Apart from many of the other scrolling plugins that have been written for jQuery, Smooth Div Scroll does not limit the scrolling to distinct steps.
Simple Controls Gallery
Simple Controls Gallery rotates and displays an image by fading it into view over the previous one, with navigation controls that pop up when the mouse rolls over the Gallery.
Galleriffic is a jQuery plugin that provides a rich, post-back free experience optimized to handle high volumes of photos while conserving bandwidth.
FancyBox | Download
FancyBox is a tool for displaying images, html content and multi-media in a Mac-style “lightbox” that floats overtop of web page.
Horinaja | Download
Horinaja is innovative because it allows you to use a mousewheel for navigation. When the mouse is outside of the slide-show area, it scrolls. When hovering over the slide-show, the scrolling pauses.
jQuery Panel Gallery | Download
With jQuery Panel Gallery, you can choose the direction in which the transition occurs from left to right, right to left, top to bottom, or bottom to top. You can also set the initial delay before the transitions begin and set the transitions to loop or stop after the last image.
Demo | Download
Simple horizontal slider which grows up the current box when it’s in focus (image, title & text) and back down when it’s not in focus.
Polaroid Photo Viewer
Demo | Download
With Polaroid Photo Viewer, you can drag a polaroid around and you’ll see the shadow. When it’s placed down, it’s rotated to the left or the right (random).
ShadowBox | Download
ShadowBox is a web-based media viewer application that supports all of the web’s most popular media publishing formats.
Blinds is a jQuery Slideshow that provide smooth animated transition, customizable sprite grid, customizable animation orchestration and more.
Sliding Image Gallery jQuery Plug-in
The SlidingGallery plug-in will take a group of images and turn them into a cyclical gallery of images which the user can click through.
ImageFlow | Download
ImageFlow is an unobtrusive and userfriendly JavaScript image gallery.
A lightweight customizable lightbox plugin for jQuery. It supports photos, grouping, slideshow, ajax, inline, and iframed content.
Start/Stop Slider
Demo | Download
The slider does feature a stop/start button and the animation goes a little farther than simply sliding to the left.
Pikachoose | Download
Pikachoose is a lightweight jQuery slideshow plugin, with tons of great features. jCarousel integrates smoothly with PikaChoose to give your gallery simple and effective carousel.
slideViewerPro is a fully customizable jQuery image gallery engine wich allows to create outstanding sliding image galleries for your projects and/or interactive galleries within blog posts.
jFlow Plugin | Download
jFlow is a light jQuery plugin that allows site owners to create an awesome gallery.
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